I primarily work with silk and merino wool. They are both natural fibers. Although the wool is lightly layered on the silk, it provides a great deal of warmth! The wool is wet-felted to the silk which gives some dimension to each garment or accessory.

The wraps or “cáchos” are silk with panels of wool or all silk, using a small amount of wool to create a buttonhole. The silk is dyed or manipulated using shibori techniques prior to dyeing. For people wanting something a little shorter, I've designed silk/wool capelets. Wool is attached on one side of the chiffon that creates a wonderful texture on the surface. All silk/wool accessories are handwashable!

The necklaces are wire-knitted with artistic wire with semi-precious stones. All findings are sterling or Bali silver. The earrings are also wire-knitted with 24 gauge sterling silver wire.

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